Installment Loans in Odem, Texas

Online Installment Loans

The best kind of loans for a lot of people are those that provide flexibility and are constructed based on the customer’s needs. After all, you’re the one making the payments and paying the interest.

Ideally, installment loans in Odem, which are also called personal loans, can provide you with the loan terms you’re looking for. Odem installment loans can be designed as long or short-term loans.

How the Loan Works

A longer loan period usually means a smaller loan payment each month. On the other hand, you may prefer to take out a loan for any reason and pay it off quickly. Therefore, a short-term loan may have the qualities you’re looking for.

As an added bonus, installment loans in Corpus Christi, TX and Odem pay out as one lump sum. You get all your money right away without having to take out small amounts like a line of credit.

Crosstown Personal Lending provides numerous loan store locations in and around Odem where you can always speak with a representative in person. For the most part, the loan process is handled over the telephone and online, which also saves you time, scheduling problems and gas money.

Loan Process for Odem, TX Installment Loans

Comparing a Few Loan Scenarios

If you only need to borrower a small amount of money and are willing to pay higher interest rates, you might check into a payday loan.

Typically, loans like Odem personal loans provide the borrower with the ability to choose whether they wish to pay off their loan quickly or spread their payments out over time.

A line of credit and an installment loan may come with similar interest rates. However, installment loans in Odem, TX pay the borrower the entire loan amount upfront, and a line of credit only pays out small draws against the credit line.


How to Apply for an Online Installment Loan

Checking out the Documents Needed for Loan Consideration

  • A document confirming you have a steady source of money for making payments on Odem installment loans.
  • Your driver’s license confirming you are 18 or older.
  • A utility bill to confirm you are a resident of TX.

You'll fill out the application online with your name, number, zip code, email address and the amount you wish to borrow.

Improving Finances With Odem, TX Personal Loans

  • Get the cash you need now to cover moving costs to a new home to reduce stress.
  • Use the money to pay off really high-interest charge cards.
  • Simplify your finances by paying off debt and reorganizing your financial responsibilities.


It is easy for you to apply for installment and personal loans in Odem, Texas. You will need to fill out the application on our website. The application will ask you to provide your full name, email, phone number, address and the amount that you need. One of our representatives will get in touch with you after we receive your application.

Crosstown Personal Lending will give you an estimate. You will then be able to get your funds. One of the reasons that people apply for Odem installment loans is because they can quickly get their money. You may be able to get the funds the same day.